The Offices of the Network

The history of the international network of law firms Arzinger and Partners started with the establishment of an office in Berlin in 1990.
Our office in Berlin specializes in legal support for economical activity of German and foreign companies in their work in Germany. The lawyers of Berlin office provide organizations with legal consulting services regarding building, employment relationship and agrarian law. Besides the specialists of Berlin office coordinate the work of East European offices of Arzinger and Partners with international clients.

The cooperation between Arzinger and Partners and their Czech collegues started in 1991.
The specialists in Prague office provide legal services regarding commercial and corporate law, real estate business and environment protection. The lawyers from Czech office represent their clients interests in trial courts of general jurisdiction and international arbitration courts as well as during the execution of judgement.
The cliens of Arzinger and Partners are not only Czech firms but also German, French and other East European companies.

Minsk office of Arzinger and Partners started its work in 2006. It became the first international company on the legal services market in Belorus.
The lawyers from the office in Minsk specialize in providing legal services regarding corporate, banking, tax, customs, commercial law and law of employment. Although Belorussian office of the company is very young, our collegues from Minsk have accumulated invaluable experience in such spheres as building and real estate, finance and investment.

In 2006 the company Arzinger and Partners set up a representative office in Istanbul.
The consulting company Öngören Law Office provides foreign investors with consulting and legal support on a level with high standards. Highly qualified and experienced lawyers from Istanbul office give legal support in establishment of foreign companies in Turkey, international law, investments in real estate, marketing and other issues concerning coming onto Turkish market.
Associate Partners:

Since 1996 Arzinger and Partners has been cooperating with our Slovak collegues concerning legal support for clients of the network Arzinger and Partners in international matters.
The lawyers of Arzinger and Partners in Bratislava specialize in providing legal support regarding corporate law, mergers and takeovers, public law. The specialists of our Slovak office represent their clients interests in trial courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts.

Since 1991 Arzinger and Partners cooperates with Doctor Yanosh Pechvaradi.
The priority lines of the office work in Budapest are commercial, corporate law and defending clients interests in international disputes.